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  • Buy property - in easy steps

    You want to buy a property? The coast is long and covers many different areas with many properties for sale. But how do you find the right one? It's not so easy to sit in front of a computer screen, search portals and websites, and understand what's wrong. Pictures are a good help, however they don‘t tell you everything.

    Budget and Financing:

    It´s important to check your budget/financing so you will know what your property may cost before you start searching.

    Finding the right location:

    The best way to find the right area is to look at a map of the coast the and places and various neighbourhoods; so park the car and explore the neighbourhood on foot. We know the entire coast and will help you to find the right location according to where you may like to live.

    Property search:

    Find the real estate in your favourite areas through our website or others, we can produce ALL the properties you find on any website for sale! We listen and understand all of your wishes and then we will send you suggestions that meet your expectations. We have several platforms and databases that we browse in addition to our own.

    • Contact us:
      In Spain, the buyer has a broker and the seller as well. One of the benefits for you as a buyer is that we have access to the full range of products on the market and can offer the best for you. That means not only our own objects, but also the real estate of other brokers. Our local knowledge is a big reason why you should choose us! We know the market in Estepona and Marbella, the price level, and know which properties to invest in and what to avoid.
    • Plan your trip:
      If you now want to look at real estate on site, we will be happy to assist you in the search for a hotel or a holiday apartment.
      On site we will visit the houses or apartments in which you are interested. With our experienced local knowledge we can give you a good overview of areas and the city and the local lifestyle.
    • Make a an offer:
      Now that you have found a property, the next step is to make an offer. The asking price is not always the final price - so you make an offer and wait for the feedback from the seller. Of course, we will always try to bring the seller/buyer to a happy compromise.
    • Choose a lawyer and give him a power of attorney:
      If the price is negotiated, we recommend that you hire a lawyer for the necessary formalities. The lawyer can also help you apply for a foreign social security number, open a Spanish bank account and transfer various contracts for water and electricity, etc. A power of attorney is important so that the lawyer can do his job and make it easier for you if you are not in the country.
    • Reservation contract:
      The reservation contract will be closed if you and the seller have agreed on a price. By signing this contract, a reservation fee of EUR 6,000.00 (in exceptional cases, slightly lower or higher) will allow the seller to take the pro­perty off the market. Then your lawyer will check if your desired property documents are correct. If the lawyer finds something that does not seem correct, you have the option to withdraw your offer and get your booking fee back. If everything is correct, the business goes into the sales contract.
    • Purchase Agreement:
      The Purchase Agreement is the binding agreement governing the business involving the payment of a 10% down payment to be paid by the Purchaser in order to enter into force. Your lawyer will help you explain the meaning of the agreements and negotiate the terms of the contract.
    • Degree:
      In order to complete the purchase of your property, you pay the remaining amount including taxes and duties to your lawyer. When the money is received by the lawyer, the notary appointment is set and the contract of sale and the legal notice are signed by a notary. This is the final document to register as the new owner of the agency. Your lawyer will then assist you in registering as a new owner and agreeing on basic services such as electricity, water and garbage collection.